Training Data For AI Security Camera

AI Security Camera

In this fast-changing world, safety and security of human life are paramount. Prior detection of- likely threats and development of unfavourable situations can significantly ward off life-threatening dangers. Artificial intelligence (AI) with all its advanced capabilities like face detection and recognition, intelligent alerts among many others is becoming instrumental in providing fool-proof security services.

AI-enabled security cameras provide round-the-clock surveillance. These AI security systems generate alerts not only in case of any apparent danger or threat but even when it detects any deceptive activity. Robust training with high-quality training datasets is required for the development of life-saving AI security cameras. The algorithms must be adequately trained on properly labelled video, image and text datasets.

AI Security Camera- Annotation Services Offered by SunTec.AI

  • Bounding Box Annotation for Crowd Detection
  • 3D Cuboid Annotation for Traffic Detection
  • Landmark Annotation for Face Detection
  • Thermal Image Annotation for Night Vision
  • Annotation for Theft and Weapon Detection

Why Choose SunTec.AI?

Train your computer vision-based AI security model with our carefully and accurately annotated training data. Our experienced, multilingual data experts and annotators produce customised training datasets which enable your security algorithm to operate efficiently for accurate object detection and face recognition.

Richly and aptly labelled video, audio and image training datasets by SunTec.AI train your AI-enabled surveillance system to predict threats and dangers with a high degree of precision. Available in various languages, our training data services have helped train some of the widely popular AI-based surveillance systems.


We understand that the level of detail applied during data annotation directly impacts the overall accuracy and quality of the resultant AI algorithm’s predictions.

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