The availability and rise of data in healthcare mean it has gradually become a fertile domain for the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and other related technologies have the potential to transform several aspects of healthcare from the diagnosis, treatment, patient care to adherence of laws and ethics. AI and ML have enhanced the quality of automation and ushered in intelligent decision-making in primary as well as tertiary patient care. Today, AI algorithms are already outperforming medical professionals at spotting spiteful tumours. AI is also helping researchers in managing large scale samples for costly clinical trials.

Examples of Applications of ML in Healthcare

Accurate diagnosis

Identifying rare or deadly diseases often depends on detecting minute or uncommon symptoms. And machine algorithms possess the ability to rapidly compare and look for such symptoms in large datasets of existing medical data This is where AI has an edge over human intelligence. Today ML methods are also employed to segment and identify tumours using 3D radiological images which helps in precise surgery planning, navigation, and efficient tumour-contouring for the planning of radiotherapy. MRI and other advanced imaging systems, increasingly used for early cancer detection, are being equipped with ML algorithms.

Accurate Diagonsis

Improving Patient care

Personalised attention and care to patients is a key component of a successful healthcare system. Machine learning algorithms’ ability to process large and diverse datasets, places them at a better position to constantly monitor the patient’s condition, predict any future dangers and answer a range of questions concerning overall health. Deployment of AI also eases pressure on human resources like nurses. With AI technologies improving and with the availability of high-quality training data, AI and ML are sure to have a transformative impact on the overall well-being of life on this planet.

ML in Healthcare

Medical research and training

The ability of machine’s to go through voluminous data at unmatched speed and sieve out pathbreaking inputs after processing it has led to many breakthroughs in research in recent years. AI has made possible cures for certain diseases which were considered incurable till very recently. Machine learning has also optimised and improved administration and training procedures in healthcare systems. The more realistic medical training is the better are the understanding levels of junior doctors. AI and ML have taken the learning, understanding and teaching in the healthcare system to an altogether different level.

Medical Research Training Service

How Services Offered by SunTec.AI Help You?

The applications of AI and ML in any domain including healthcare is dependent on the quantity and quality of training data available. Moreover, in healthcare where lives are at stake, the efficiency and accuracy of AI systems cannot be compromised. Realising this SunTec.AI is committed to providing high quality and carefully healthcare datasets for machine learning to train ML algorithms. Our multilingual healthcare datasets are rich in detail and are specifically designed to make machines learn or imbibe something unique or new. Our services include:

Chatbot training data

Clear and to the point conversations are very important in medical communications to avoid any misunderstandings. Conversational AI models deployed in healthcare systems must be trained on multilingual and diverse datasets to prepare them for various scenarios. We at SunTec.AI provide high-quality data-sets in various languages to train your chatbot to meet the demands of healthcare systems.


Natural Language Processing

Our large pool of diverse data contributors provides training data as per your algorithm’s needs. Our datasets ensure that your algorithm learns to read, process and make sense of human languages in the most valuable manner.

Natural Language Processing

Audio Speech Analysis

Experienced annotators at SunTec.AI explicitly tag various types of audio files to train your algorithm to distinguish them accurately. Training on our rich audio custom datasets will give your algorithm a clear advantage over its peers.

Audio speech analysis

Why Choose SunTec.AI?

Clear and accurate communication among various stakeholders of the healthcare system is very important. For an AI system to have such communication it needs to be trained on a vast amount of diverse data in multiple languages. SunTec.AI experienced and skilled workforce maintains a high level of accuracy and quality, even while dealing with the voluminous and complex datasets. Our experience of over 20 years in crowdsourcing, collection, annotation, classification, analysis and other data related works place us at a better position in providing training datasets as per your specifications. Partnership with SunTec.AI has enabled firms worldwide to roll out world-class AI systems which have significantly enhanced customer satisfaction.


We understand that the level of detail applied during data annotation directly impacts the overall accuracy and quality of the resultant AI algorithm’s predictions.

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