Privacy Policy

SunTec.AI's Privacy Policy

SunTec.AI is devoted towards safeguarding your privacy. We follow matchless practices to ensure the integrity of your personal information. Our privacy policy elaborates on our privacy outlook and the way we guard and use your information.

SunTec.AI honors your privacy

  • Personal details like name, e-mail address, telephone and other correspondence contact alternatives collected from you through our inquiry forms are kept confidential.
  • As a processor for your customers' data, SunTec.AI follows your instructions on how to handle that data. You can be assured that your information wouldn't be sold, shared, or distributed to third parties under any circumstance.
  • We prevent any unauthorized access or disclosure using a variety of secure technologies and processes.

We utilize your data to serve you better

  • We levy cookies to ensure that you get a seamless and personalized site experience
  • You can rest assured that via cookies, we do not get access to your computer or other sensitive information. We only have access to information that you share with us willingly.
  • We use cookies to know and save your IP address and other relevant information pertaining to the pages you go through, the links you visit, and other material you access on our site.
  • The gathered information is only used to enhance the functionality and performance of our website with respect to your usage.
  • Your personal details and location that we access via cookies are strictly kept confidential.
  • You can disable cookies by changing your browser settings. However, that can restrict you from experiencing the complete functional capability of our website and might reduce the quality of user experience for your device.

Links pertaining to other websites

  • For your ease, our site may contain links to various other websites
  • You can visit them at your own risk and SunTec.AI is not liable for any potential risk in terms of security, content, or privacy practices of these sites
  • Please read their privacy policy before sharing any information with them

SunTec.AI's GDPR Compliance

  • Apart from the basic web data stored using cookies, we store key information of our clients in the form of name, telephone number, e-mail, company, and country name.
  • The stored information is only used for business purposes- contacting clients for project needs.
  • Rigidly based on opt-ins, we may also contact to educate/ inform about any update or expansion in the scope of our services.
  • We strictly discourage misusing or sharing user data with third parties for any marketing purposes.
  • In case of request from your end, we are open to providing the e-copies of the records we save for processing, purpose of storing it, and updates about where the data is stored.
  • Since we believe in transparency and consent, EU citizens can raise a request for deleting or discontinuing their information storage and processing.

We are a GDPR compliant company and place utmost emphasis on the security and consent of our clients. In case you still have any doubt regarding our privacy policy, you can contact us. You are valuable to us and we will be pleased to deal with your queries.

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