The robotics industry is the driving force behind all the talks around automation. Today, aided with machine learning and artificial intelligence, the robotics industry is breaking various long-standing technological barriers. With AI and ML, robots are becoming ‘smarter’ and more efficient. From the tech industry to manufacturing and from agriculture to healthcare, machine learning in robotics has not only optimised the processes involved but also has boosted productivity and efficiency. Artificial Intelligence imparts computer vision to robots; this helps robots to sense, navigate and calculate their appropriate response. To help businesses leverage the benefits of AI in robotics, we at SunTec.AI provide high-quality training data sets, enabling companies to train their ML algorithms for diverse applications in the robotics industry.

Machine Learning Application in Robotics

Computer Vision

Computer vision or more apt robot vision guides robots and helps in developing automatic inspection systems. The availability of good quality accurately annotated/labelled photos and videos has led to significant advances in computer vision. Computer vision enables applications like identification and sorting of objects in robotics.

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Imitation Learning

Imitation learning which is a part of observational learning, has become an essential part of field robotics. The applications of imitation learning are in domains like construction, search and rescue, agriculture, military, and others. The complexity of applications makes it difficult to program robotics solutions manually. Machine learning solves this problem through “programming by demonstration”. Machine learning has led to the development of humanoid robotics, legged locomotion, and other off-road difficult-terrain mobile vehicles.


Self-Supervised Learning

Generation of their own training examples by robots to improve their performance is known as self-supervised learning. Self-supervised learning allows robots and other optical devices to identify objects and obstacles in rough terrain. It can detect and reject objects for, e.g., the rejection of fake currency from the bundle of the genuine one.

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Assistive and Medical Technologies

Advances in machine learning methodologies applied to robotics have also been incorporated in the medical world. Machine learning has transformed the functions that assistive robots in healthcare systems used to function. An assistive robot is a device that can sense, process sensory information, and perform actions that benefit people, particularly older people and people with disabilities. Assistive robots are also increasingly participating in delicate surgeries, therapy sessions etc.


SunTec.AI Annotation Services for Robotics Solutions

Our fast, reliable and accurate annotation services across data types, be it text, image or video help train ML algorithms for a variety of robotics solutions like:

  • Management of warehouse inventory
  • Sorting of products in inventories
  • Object detection
  • Handling supply of logistics
  • Handling quality control mechanisms
  • Predictive maintenance

Why Choose SunTec.AI?

Need useful, quality training data for your machine learning robotics algorithm? SunTec.AI is the name you can rely upon. Through the course of our journey of over two decades, we have gathered the necessary skills, technology and experience to produce relevant training data sets of world-class standards.

Our annotation services have been favoured by the best in the industry. Whatever be the field of application of your robotics algorithm, our customisable training data services, ensure that your robotic solution meets the desired expectations.


We understand that the level of detail applied during data annotation directly impacts the overall accuracy and quality of the resultant AI algorithm’s predictions.

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