One field which has been significantly impacted by the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is technology. With improved systems and optimised processes, AI has completely transformed the technological landscape for the good. With machine learning (ML) covering seemingly impossible domains like the prediction of future events, artificial intelligence has become an integral part of a successful modern business setup. Virtual assistants, automatic speech recognition systems, data-backed predictive search algorithms and a variety of other applications of algorithms have significantly changed the way tech industries worldwide function. The availability of big data and the ability of machine learning algorithms to learn from it has enabled AI systems to have several use cases across industries.

How ML and AI have positively impacted the technology industry?


Machine learning applications have enhanced the efficiency of business processes across a wide range of industries. For example, virtual assistants and chatbots have made the customer support system accessible 24*7. Also, intelligent Chabot systems handle the majority of the common customer queries, thus freeing up the human resource to address only complicated or unique customer issues. Thus by improving efficiency, AI-enabled systems also boost the ROI of the businesses.


Personalised Services

Smart customer support systems like virtual assistants and chatbots have greatly improved customer services. Now the customer satisfaction is at the centre of any service and these artificial intelligence-based systems cater to the customer queries at a single click. Highly smart and efficient systems understand the customer preference and behaviour by studying past data of the customer. This helps in providing personalised services, recommendations to the customer which improves overall customer services.

Personalised Service

Accurate and reliable predictions

One of the revolutionary applications of artificial intelligence-based systems is predicting future events and chalking out the future course of action. Sentiment analysis is one such technique which accurately predicts the market’s reaction to an event, likely future events and also suggests probable steps businesses can take. Gradually AI systems are taking the role of advisor in the businesses and providing better than ever insights, feedback, suggestions and opportunities to boost growth.

Accurate Reliable Predictions

How Services Offered by SunTec.AI Help You?

With artificial intelligence and machine learning largely shaping the technological world, the importance of quality training data has increased. As it’s well known that training data is extremely vital to the development of machine learning models. The quality of training data you use governs the quality of your machine learning-based project. At SunTec.AI, we provide training data with the aim of improving the accuracy of your machine algorithm. Our training data is extremely rich in detail, which has the capacity of improving your AI system by subjecting it to hundreds of unique training cycles. Our services include:

Data Annotation

SunTec.AI’s high-quality annotation services cover various data types like text, images, video among others. We have the required experience, skill and expertise to cater to data annotation projects of any scale, complexity and language.

Data Annotation

Chatbot training data

Development of smart and intelligent conversational AI models needs high quality and relevant training datasets. Through its journey of over two decades, SunTec.AI has accumulated unmatched expertise, experience and knowledge in gathering, categorising and processing large volumes of data. We can provide high-quality, large data-sets of different types and languages to train your chatbot to perfectly solve customer queries and take appropriate actions.

Chatbot Training Data service

Sentiment Analysis

With a team of highly skilled data annotators and access to a large crowd of data contributors, SunTec.AI is well-positioned to provide quality training data for sentiment analysis services to its clients.

Sentiment Analysis Service

Why Choose SunTec.AI?

Our two decades of experience has taught us the importance of data. We know that to build revolutionary machine learning algorithms quality training data is critical. Our experts are trained to create richly annotated data. We have accumulated the necessary skills and technology to ensure we offer our services across various industries and languages. We are committed to providing you with the custom data that will push your algorithm forward.


We understand that the level of detail applied during data annotation directly impacts the overall accuracy and quality of the resultant AI algorithm’s predictions.

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