Pixel-perfect Annotation

Get high-quality datasets to train computer vision models (AI/ML) with a leading-edge Learning & Development (L&D) partner at competitive prices.

Accelerate AI/ML Projects With High-Quality Data Annotation Solutions.

  • Fast scaling with best-in-class data processes, intuitive interfaces, and process managing techniques.

  • Reduced burden of managing an in-house team.

  • Certified SMEs employed from technology, healthcare, retail, robotics, automotive, and finance domains.

  • Safe handling of sensitive and highly regulated data.

With subject matter experts and performance-oriented approaches, SunTec.AI enables businesses from any domain to reach their full potential.

  • Our Mission

    We want to aid enterprises across diverse industry verticals in their AI/ML endeavors with the right foundation of data and consistent support.

  • Our Vision

    We hope to back businesses exploring the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) through affordable and exceptional support.

What Makes SunTec.AI Different?

  • Subject Matter Experts

    We have a team of experienced professionals from various data domains to ensure nearly 99% out-turn accuracy.

  • Quick & Easy Scalability

    Our extensive experience in data annotation services enables us to accommodate high volume while ensuring utmost precision and quality.

  • Advanced Infrastructure

    Our talented resource pool helps prepare training data for AI/ML models, saving precious time, effort & human resources.

  • High-Quality Datasets

    Our data labeling services and technical expertise ensure accessible datasets produced in large volumes for efficient AI/ML training.

  • Competitive Market Advantage

    Our team of data annotation experts builds training datasets with ample information, ensuring best-in-class AI/ML training.

  • Best-In-Class Pricing Structure

    Get the most competitive prices in the industry with varying, requirement-based pricing models to suit your budget.

  • Assured Data Security

    As an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company, we ensure data formatting as per international security standards.

  • 365*24*7 Assistance

    Our data annotation/labeling professionals operate in shifts to offer timely delivery of data, services, & solutions.

SunTec.AI - Core Pillars


Highly Skilled, Dedicated, & Trained Professionals

  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Dedicated Project Managers


Assured Process Compliance

  • End-to-end AI Data Solutions
  • A Proven Workflow With Timely Process Execution
  • Objective Quality Metrics-based Data Verification
  • A Proven Workflow With Timely Process Execution
  • Continual Improvement & Development Curve


Up-to-Date Data Solutions For Diverse Domains

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