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Trending Work From Home Roles and Responsibilities in AI

work from home job roles in artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is deeply impacting industries and the lives of people and is going to have a long-lasting impact on almost everything. Thus, we cannot deny that artificial intelligence is the future as it supports businesses in harnessing and managing large amounts of data. It has captured nearly every sector including healthcare, education, media, customer service, transportation, manufacturing, and more.

Thus, the jobs and opportunities in the field of AI are rising and the demand will never get obsolete. As new technology arrives, and new innovations in AI are being established in front of the world, new job opportunities will keep rising.

Since choosing a career path is a big decision, in this blog, we have listed some top and trending jobs in the field of AI to help you stay updated with the most demanding roles so that you stay ahead in the up growing market.

Most Demanded AI Jobs and Opportunities in 2022

Without further ado, let’s dive deep and know about various opportunities that AI has created and will contribute to building your career path:

1. Content Moderator

A content moderator plays an important role in keeping intact an organization’s reputation by filtering content. Consumption of online content has taken over the digital sphere, thus people have access to uploading, posting, or tagging any sort of content online. Thus, a content moderator helps in analyzing and removing explicit content that may harm your website. They are very well versed with the policies, guidelines aligned to UGC and multimedia content.

Most of the organizations and businesses running online require a professional content moderator who utilizes the content in a positive way to boost their brand image.

2. Data Annotator

Data annotation is all about labelling data whether it is a text, video, or image. So, to support computer vision-based machine learning models, it is essential to recognize the input patterns easily. This task can efficiently be fulfilled by a data annotator, they have the right expertise in labelling the data in different formats through text annotation, image transcription, and video annotation. Further, they accurately analyze the information so that the machines can easily capture and classify different data clearly. Data annotators work towards high accuracy in output, enhanced experiences for end-users, improving content relevance, etc.

3. Data Validation Specialist

Data validation specialists help businesses in analyzing data whether it is accurate, gathered from reliable sources, and examine whether it is adding value to the business or not. Validating the accuracy of information is very crucial to save your business from major losses or any other negative impact. A data validation specialist is in high demand as every company and business is dealing with critical data and it is important to make sure that the data is 100% accurate. Data validation specialists can build their careers in geo-local data evaluation, search evaluation, machine translation quality evaluation, etc.

4. Full-Stack Developer

Since managing data is a huge part of any organization, it is equally important for businesses to take care of their databases, graphic design, UI/UX management, and more. This is where Full Stack Developers come into the picture, they manage everything from the back end to the front end along with comprehensive knowledge in various coding niches. Their responsibility is to ensure cross-platform compatibility and optimization, develop KPIs, and make sure to keep the data secure while developing a site.

5. AI Engineer

With the growing demand and integration of AI in all forms of technology, AI engineers are the most demanded job role in 2022. AI engineers hold great knowledge in understanding core business functions, so apart from handling AI infrastructure, they can also apply and test AI algorithms efficiently. Since AI and machine learning are the future, consider the role of an AI engineer and be ready to explore the field as it grows and builds a concrete career.

6. Business Intelligence Developer

You must be wondering if this job profile aligns with AI or not. Well yes, many online giants including Amazon are hiring business intelligence developers to help them streamline their business process through an analytical and BI-centric approach. For this, you also need to have a keen knowledge of computer programming and other cloud-based platforms.

7. Big Data Engineer

Big data is utilized and leveraged by various organizations but have you wondered how this enormous amount of data is streamlined and managed?  Big data engineers have profound knowledge and skills in designing, creating, testing, and maintaining big data infrastructure. There are complex data processing systems and to deal with such large data sets, every organization needs big data engineers and their demand is only going to grow more. 

Big data engineers not only create a safe environment for the huge data sets but also create algorithms to manage raw information and further evaluate and improve data pipelines.

8. Audio Data Labelling Analyst 

Virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri are prepared through AI to handle vocal orders. Every business prepares its remote helpers and chatbots, for which sound recordings are made, annotated, and investigated. The tone, aim, and exacting implications of the words are painstakingly separated to get the ideal reaction from the VA. Adding labels and categorizing sounds through audio classification works with profound and fast ML as they become preparing sets.

An audio data labelling analyst expert makes voice recordings, deciphers them, examines the recording, and guarantees the nature of the sound, prior to moving the information to the model for AI.

Wrapping Up

Since we have discussed the most demanded AI jobs in 2022 to help you stay ahead in the market. We hope this blog helps you choose the right career path. However, if you are a business owner looking for any kind of data annotation service, we are here to help. To discuss your requirements, get in touch with us at +91 931 146 8458 or write to us at