Content Moderation Services

Protect Your Brand Image and Boost Online Presence Through Content Moderation

Content Moderation Services

User-generated content can be seen everywhere on social media platforms and websites in terms of posts, videos, reviews, comments, forums, etc. However, not all of the submitted content is suitable for your brand, it can make or break your image. This is where content moderation comes into the picture. A lot of spam, abusive, or threatening content is found online that can hamper your business, but outsourcing content moderation services can screen the submissions beforehand and post the relevant content.

Considering the time taken to build your brand image, you cannot afford to lose it because of inappropriate content posted online or on your website. So, in this blog, we will discuss the concept of content moderation, its types, and benefits followed by the reasons to outsource content moderation services.

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Content Moderation- Why Should You Care About It?

Content moderation is a method of analyzing various posts, reviews, comments, forums, social media content, community submissions, videos, etc. Content moderators conduct this task based on business guidelines and policies and decide whether the post will be submitted online or not.

User-generated content comes in various forms and there are possibilities that some of them might be illegal, inappropriate, abusive, or threatening. It can hurt user sentiments as well as hamper the brand reputation and reduce their sales. The content is therefore screened by the moderators, the one that aligns with policies stays, and the rest is removed.

Content moderation is an essential aspect to protect the brand image. Any negative comment or offensive video can put a bad impression on the consumers and adversely affect your sales. But an effectively moderated content will help in boosting online presence, global brand recognition, more sales, and ultimately more revenues.

So, let’s move further and understand the types of content moderation required for various industry sectors.

Types of Content Moderation

Not one size fits all implements when it comes to content moderation. Different industries require a particular form of moderation that fulfills and complies with their policies. Here are the main types of content moderation that helps in filtering user-generated content:

1. Pre-moderation

Pre-moderation as the name suggests wherein the content is reviewed before being published online. When you outsource content moderation services, the expert moderators double-check the reviews, comments, or multimedia posts to ensure utmost integrity and security. As this content gets posted on various channels including online communities, therefore, moderators make sure to protect brand reputation by blocking misleading content before posting them online.

2. Post-moderation

This type of moderation is conducted on social media platforms, forums, and other content that can only be reviewed after being posted. This is where social media content moderation is beneficial, as moderators use advanced tools and software to track down every content and quickly analyze whether the post should stay or be deleted.

3. Distributed moderation

Within the distributed moderation, community members cast their vote to decide whether the particular content complies with the policies or guidelines. The majority votes and senior moderators decide whether the content is suitable for the group or not. This can be a huge risk for businesses as it increases the risk of legal violence, security, and biasedness. Hence, this is not a favorable moderation for most businesses.

4. Reactive moderation

Reactive moderation is based on user judgments, some businesses grant rights to their audience to remove or flag inappropriate content. To implement reactive moderation, a brand should have a strong and loyal audience that keeps regular track of the content posted on the website or social media channels.

5. Automated moderation

Some of the content is moderated automatically under automated moderation. Businesses use various content moderation tools and applications to block users or IP addresses posting abusive or spam content. However, the lack of human judgment can hamper the process due to wrong interpretation.

Why Content Moderation is Crucial To Safeguard Your Brand Reputation?

1. The holy grail to protect your brand image

With more use of social media platforms, the widespread of fake news, inappropriate or misleading information is becoming very common. Not only can this information create havoc among the consumers but can also adversely affect your brand. Hence, it is most essential to revise your UGC through content moderation services. As a professional content moderation company, we make sure to filter out abusive or misleading content with extensive care.

Considering the importance of UGC posted through reviews, comments, posts, or any other form, it is essential to monitor every user activity and make sure your site is not flooded with spam or negative content. Text content moderation ensures that your website contains valuable and positive information that doesn’t mislead consumers as well as create a positive influence on your brand.

2. Helps in understanding customer’s perceptions of your brand

Content moderation is not only helpful in filtering out spam or abusive content but also helps businesses in understanding user perception towards their brand. Content moderators go through every comment, review, community talk, and post to check whether the users are complying with the company policies. While this task helps them to block negative content, it also gives the moderator a deep insight into how consumers pursue the brand, the discussions, news, etc. related to the brand can be beneficial in filling the loopholes.

A lot of advertising happens when customers share their experiences with other people. Therefore, it becomes an important aspect to keep a track of brand perception through content moderation services.

3. Influences buying behavior and decision

Before purchasing a product or opting for a service, the foremost thing that catches consumer attention is reviews, posts, or comments posted by the previous or existing users. Businesses often ignore the impact of UGC (user-generated content), however, it plays a huge role in influencing purchasing decisions. 

Hence, by outsourcing content moderation services, you will be able to closely monitor negative comments, inappropriate information, or abusive content that might hamper your business reputation or reduce traffic to your website. However, you cannot demolish all the bad reviews but you can limit the number and block spam or abusive content through text content moderation.

4. Increases online presence and boosts traffic

User-generated content is a great way to boost brand awareness and achieve maximum ROI. When a customer mentions, tags, use keywords and is more related to your products or services, it increases the chances of your brand being discovered more frequently online. Social media content moderation makes sure that such posts align with your brand goals and influence the buying decision of the end-user. Boost in online presence, in turn, creates more user engagement and spike in search engine rankings leading to more traffic and conversions.

5. Rapidly scales marketing campaigns

Various metrics determine the performance of a brand campaign and one of them is social media. Isn’t it challenging to analyze every single word said related to your brand? Therefore, content moderation services keep a regular track of posts, comments, reviews, news, or any content form used to address a brand. The constant analysis conducted through social media content moderation helps businesses gain insights into user perspectives, loopholes, achievements, and much more. This deep assessment is a great tool for businesses to create strategies for enhancing their ROI and sales.

6. Controls spam content

A tremendous amount of content is posted online and it is challenging for businesses to sort and block each one of them. Hence, outsourcing content moderation services can simplify this tedious task by removing spam content that might provoke users or hurt their sentiments or violate business policies. The content moderators keep a regular track and make sure no offensive content goes online to create a secure environment for businesses and their customers.

7. Builds credibility by strengthening customer relations

User-generated content reaches a global audience and people visiting your website or pursuing your brand through social media create a perspective towards your brand. Hence, content moderation services ensure that your content feed, posts, reviews, comment section, blogs, etc. are loaded with positive content and information that creates credibility and trust towards your brand.

Learn more about the significance and impact of content moderation.

Undeniable Reasons To Outsource Content Moderation Services

If your website is bombarded with negative comments, reviews, or social media channels are flooded with inappropriate content and you are not able to tackle it efficiently, then it’s high time to outsource Content Moderation Services to SunTec.AI. Here are some of the biggest reasons:

  • Work with highly experienced moderators

By outsourcing your moderation needs, our professionals and expert workforce continuously strive hard to deliver quality content by optimizing the content moderation methods. Further, ensure that the content is moderated accurately within a very less time.

  • Outsource to leverage advanced moderation tools and applications

Outsourcing companies see to it that they already have all the tools, processes, and manpower available before they start offering a business solution. This is one of the beauties of outsourcing content moderation. Once you start working with an outsourcing company, you get to save time and resources and avoid the hassle of setting up a new office, then hire and train a new team to handle your content moderation tasks.

  • Outsource to leverage advanced moderation tools and applications

By opting for content moderation services, businesses save the cost of in-house employees as well as the tools and software needed to moderate the content. Moderators hired from Suntec.AI can analyze millions of bits of content like text, images, videos, etc, with the help of advanced content moderation tools, moderate the content for its suitability for your customers as soon as it is posted/submitted.

Boost Brand Credibility By Outsourcing Content Moderation Services To Suntec.AI

SunTec.AI offers content moderation services across industries ranging from social networking sites, educational forums, news platforms, blogs to e-commerce websites, dating sites, and gaming portals. We offer various services like Text/Comment Moderation Services, Image Moderation Services, and Video Moderation Services.

Our airtight moderation services discourage and immediately filter out any inappropriate, racist, or offensive content including violence and child or animal abuse. Our moderators take appropriate action against such users and keep a close eye on their activities on your platforms. We eliminate any possibility of future violations of your policies and thus keep your brand image intact.

Final Thoughts

SunTec.AI offers real-time content moderation services, which help you stay on top of your game. Our unique content moderation solutions which blend human skills and technological expertise monitor your various online platforms to flag and filter out any indecent and inappropriate content. We restrict such content which is not in accordance with your brand and social safety guidelines, thereby ensuring a smooth and satisfactory online experience for your customers. By outsourcing your content moderation needs to SunTec.AI, you are assured of world-class services with 100% accuracy at high speed. Utilize the expertise of our experienced and highly-trained personnel and allow your talent and resources to focus on how to grow your business. For more details, get in touch with us at +91 931 146 8458 or write to us at