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Trending Work From Home Roles and Responsibilities in AI

work from home job roles in artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is deeply impacting industries and the lives of people and is going to have a long-lasting impact on almost everything. Thus, we cannot deny that artificial intelligence is the future as it supports businesses in harnessing and managing large amounts of data. It has captured nearly every sector including healthcare, education, media, customer service, transportation, manufacturing, and more.

Content Moderation Services

Protect Your Brand Image and Boost Online Presence Through Content Moderation

Content Moderation Services

User-generated content can be seen everywhere on social media platforms and websites in terms of posts, videos, reviews, comments, forums, etc. However, not all of the submitted content is suitable for your brand, it can make or break your image. This is where content moderation comes into the picture. A lot of spam, abusive, or threatening content is found online that can hamper your business, but outsourcing content moderation services can screen the submissions beforehand and post the relevant content.

text summarization services

Sort Crucial Information 300x Faster With Automatic Text Summarization

Text Summarization Services

How about using a tool that simplifies the entire process by speeding up the analyzing process and curating valuable, accurate, and relevant summaries without compromising the actual essence of the document. Yes, you read it right! It is possible through automatic text summarization (ATS), it quickly extracts data and conveys short-form content without jeopardizing the facts.

AI security and surveillance solutions

Redefine Security with AI-Enabled Surveillance Systems

dataset for ai security camera

Owing to their ability to reduce workload and real-time monitoring, AI security and surveillance solutions are experiencing an upsurge. Whether it’s residential societies, enterprises, or public places, AI-based video surveillance and analytics can bring significant benefits in terms of threat detection and alert generation to one and all. 

Data Annotation Services

5 Key Things To Consider Before Outsourcing Data Annotation Services

Data Annotation Outsourcing Services

Data annotation also referred to as data labeling, is a process of incorporating vital information into the raw data. Initially, when the data is in an unstructured form, it is not possible for machines to comprehend. So, it is important to tag the data and make it all the more machine-friendly. Data annotation basically helps in setting up a machine learning model to make the machines understand better. The intent is to get accurate outcomes with the data available at hand.

Crowdsourcing Services

How Can Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Benefit from Crowdsourcing?

crowdsourcing company

There would have been several instances at the workplace where neither you nor your employees could find a solution to a certain problem, and this is normal when you are running a business. However, the question is, how do you tackle such situations? Do you employ more people or take assistance from a third-party? No matter the solution you choose, investment has to be made both in terms of money and time. This is one side of the story.

Chatbot Training Data

Chatbot Training Data: An Overview

Chatbot Training Data Services

“How may I assist you?” 


“What are you looking for?

Does the right corner of almost every website that you open look like this? It’s your personal assistant speaking to you. Here we will talk about chatbots, the trending online interactions agents, and chatbot training data services.

Content Moderation Services

Content Moderation – The Significance & Impact

Content Moderation Services

Living in an age where the internet is no more a luxury but a necessity, we have been exposed to a deluge of online content. While this has opened new avenues for content creation, the onus for moderating this content lies in the hands of platform owners.  

Image Annotation

Image Annotation for applying Machine Learning to Agriculture

image annotation services

Ever since Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have entered different spheres of human life, things have become more efficient and productive. Both the technologies are swiftly integrating into some of the most vital fields of human life while achieving the unachieved.


Benefits of Advancements in AI and Robotics in Healthcare

AI and Robotics in Healthcare

The idea of robotics in healthcare is not new to the world. However, only a minuscule of its potential has been realised yet. Now with artificial intelligence (AI) getting increasingly sophisticated at doing what humans do, we are seeing revolutionary transformations in the healthcare services. Apart from opening the new avenues in healthcare and diagnosis, robotics and AI have made the healthcare services more efficient, personalised, affordable and accessible.